by Exaltatio Diaboli

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Credo's lyturgical and sonic Chaos has been crafted, shaped and cursed within a long temporal phase,
which is approximately between MMXIII / MMXIV / MMXV
and then unconventionally recorded during Winter MMXV / MMXVI ev. in Albion / Umbria.

Unnatural ways to use and abuse the natural tools:

All remains provided became somber percussions manipulated to generate
sinister atmospheres and reach the entrance to the Abyss.

Exaltatio Diaboli's CREDO was:

Pater Fanaticism: Prayers, chants, V and VI strings.
Nocturnal Fog: Devil's Hammers.
Xyx: Luciferian chants on "Parousia."
A.Doom: Perverted recitation litany on "Infanticidium".
Adversor: Layout, artwork.
Scabies: Devilish inspirer of both "TAAF"/"CREDO", provider of tools, fetiches, incantations.
True instigator of violence and sadism.


released June 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Vexator Syndicate. London, UK

We promote and propagate Satanism, political and religious extremism through the medium of arts.


- Exaltatio Diaboli.

- Bestial Hate Crime.

- Orve.

- A Monumental Black Statue.
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Track Name: In Excelsis.
In Excelsis.

"And tell me Father what should I do
when I'll face them all alone
and they will come to me wearing masks
masks that look perfectly like our symbols of Faith"

My Devotee, my incestuous bride, my rape fantasy come true
when your story began the Devil was there
taking care of your mother's sinful pregnancy
he gave us details and instructions
he made us mad, and delusional
he made us turning violent and dirty as pigs
he gave us desease and strenght
but he blessed our Work, our Blood and our Path
De inferno! Demone Satanae qui custos es mei!

With salt and urine
your arteries have been filled
little by little since your birth
it has been an intentional, visual and carnal poisoning
a religious corruption for you
aiming to turn your human part into a Serpent of Fire
I bet you can discern easily who's with or against us, now

But it's a long way, my daughter...
it's a long trip, my child...
and all my words may sound different to you
they travel via different Spirits
connecting through different sources
with one purpose, one goal that is always just the same
and when they get to your heart
seems like the pain, it will never end
but the climax is eternal
and believe me!
the power is overwhelming
Oh great SATAN! Oh TRUTH!
Blessed be your hand of pestilence!
Upon her head! within this family!
Above this house! within this unity!
I invoke you my master SATAN, BLESS US!
Track Name: Perpetuity.

Bind thou my life oh, Furious Father!
hear again these words of faith!
Obsecro te, Diabolus!
Let me be reborn through Luciferian light
Forces linked by their bones, his soil and my offer
sworn under the curse of the flesh that I offer

Ave rex noster!

Nights of carnal mystification
and perversion oh holy perversion!
using magnetic Chaos rituals to devour their lifes
blessed shall be the ones who do sacrifice!
the man must die!

Injecting your energy yet consuming my mortal shell
this year seemed like being lost during an everlasting day
...of Darkness

Learn and memorare!
Track Name: Acrid.

Learn and Memorare!
My doubtfull child born of cosmic shame
We are the pulsating heart of our Father
dehumanized by His fury, made eternally hungry
under endless subjugation
we stand as the traitors of life...

He slays all nature, mothers and offspring
if you have seen what we have made
you've got the answer, clear

There's no turning back from failing
no time for doubts or afterthoughts
just keep it burning, sow His Seeds!

Feed the Flame with cilice and lust
abuse till you drop, near Death, no regrets
misfortune to the Death, all guaranteed, to the Death!!!
believers of rot, to the Death, to the Death
and those who have doubts? Soon they shall leave...
and those who have doubts? Soon they shall believe!

You'll see them running and hiding like hares
here is no place for infamia christi!

Lucifero Adonai!
sedes sapientiae
stella matutina
exaudi vocem meam
fiat aures tuae intendentes
in vocem deprecationis meae
Track Name: Fanaticism.

Et adorabunt eum omnes qui inhabitant terram
quorum non sunt scripta nomina in libro vitae agni
qui occisus est ab origine mundi

Unworthy piece of flesh I am, infront of all thy glory
Sub tuum praesidium!
come to us, let us rejoice in putredinem
Sub tuum praesidium!
connect through Blood unclean
Sub tuum praesidium!
Tu es Dux!

Pass through this altar that I had made as a portal for your arrival

I offer my women and this liquour
I offer my precious blood and their curiosity and their fragility
take them tonight and get them pregnant
Flammae! Flammae! Flammae!
PHOSPHOROUS shine in this room!!!
pull away another life, this is our time!
Track Name: Urine.

And it is from here that we start
behind His number, beyond time
in another dimension
roaming eternally in the interruption

Samsara Diaboli.

We are the traitors of life.
Track Name: Cilicium.

Caput ad altare inclinans!
Honor et gloria!
Manibus junctis!

His is the air that I breath
for I have given all I had to Him
His are the Eyes from wich I see
Blessed I am and faceless I shall become

I see an altered horizon continously changing shape,
where tombstones grow like trees
...marble fading to nothing,
Malice through the stones

Et admirata est universa terra post Bestiam!
Track Name: Infanticidium.

Gloria Satanae!
Alleluia! Alleluia!
libera nos, salva nos, vivifica nos!
Fai di me il tuo tramite e martire ed arma!
Fai ch'io sempre arda dissolvendomi tra Sangue e Fiamma!

Gloria Satanae!
Alleluia! Alleluia!
Libera nos, salva nos, vivifica nos!
Dal seno all'utero al grembo concedo me tutta!
Concedo me tutta, vita e sangue infiamma!
Track Name: Parousia.

Exaudi me!
Holy Lucifer!
Sanctus Satanas!
Libera Nos!

...Cruel are His Eyes

Vomit your filth into my craving mouth
old disgusting harlot
infect my wounds with your pungent diarrhea
faeces taste sweet when bitter is the taste of life...

Abrasive perversion to rejoin the Antichrist!
abduction and rape to connect to His Light!

You'll find no end to this tunnel
with me on your side
all is pushed to the limit, crudelis est oculus Diaboli

Slam on my face your gaping orifices
feed me and the child with your anal juices
punish the baby for just being alive!
a reward to his life it shall be our climax

Just like pigs our bodies are twisting shamelessly
in front of the child that we raped like dogs
his bones cracked and melted like butter between our flaming bodies
a reward to his life it shall be our climax

Lucifer, exaudi me!
libera nos!
Agios o Sathanas!

Cut the hand that caressed you
transcend through crime and sin to inoculate His elixir
drug the bread of your fathers, the host of old
for the next generation must be abused and manipulated
till there's no escape
till there's no return!